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I like savoury popcorn. I don't like only putting salt on it. I also don't live near somewhere that sells the balsamic vinegar-flavoured stuff they have near work. Is there a way of buying flavour powders online? Or are there easy home recipes for nice savoury popcorn? I live in the UK so it'd have to be available or ship to here.
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Smoked paprika and olive oil is all you need.
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Curry powder is also great.
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oh super easy! pop popcorn, butter/oil, mix spices, toss over popcorn.

i really like curry popcorn.
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Two words: nutritional yeast. The yums!
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My mom and brother go completely apeshit over popcorn tossed with Old Bay Seasoning. Here it is on Amazon UK.
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What about Parmesan cheese? It's fairly easy to acquire, and can grate extremely finely.
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Yep, I was going to recommend Old Bay Seasoning too.
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Also, possibly too obvious, but you don't mention butter.
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Bacon Salt.
I love Tabasco mixed with butter on popcorn.
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Ooh, you can also just use the packet from Kraft macaroni and cheese! I'm assuming you have those ubiquitous boxes in the U.K. too.
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In India the most commonly sold sort of popcorn is masala popcorn -- basically popcorn flavored with Indian spices -- just use a little turmeric, cumin and cayenne to taste (go very easy on the turmeric).
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Oh and salt of course.
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Previously. It's an amazing popcorn-topping thread, trust me.
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I tried a couple of popcorn flavoring salts, but I didn't like any of the ones I tried.

My two favorites are: Olive oil, salt, garlic powder, and cayenne; and truffle oil + olive oil, and salt.

I make mine in the microwave, so I coat the kernels first, then put them in a paper bag, staple it shut, and microwave it on the popcorn setting.
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King Arthur Flour makes an excellent cheese powder. So far I have only used it on vegetables and egg dishes, but some of the reviews say that it's great on popcorn too.

Not sure what it would cost to ship to the UK. Their customer service page lists a phone number to call for rates.
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Melt some butter and mash some miso into it. Toss it onto the popcorn. Delish.
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Response by poster: We don't have Mac and cheese or bacon salt over here, I don;t think.

I know about butter, but I try not to use butter as a condiment if I can help it (I do rather like the butter).
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Garlic dill! Spritz the popcorn with olive oil and vinegar (rice wine is my vinegar of choice, but others are probably just as tasty) and sprinkle on garlic powder, dried dill and salt to taste. Tangy, savory, super delicious!

Pretty much any spice from the spice rack makes for good popcorn. Experiment by making small bowls with different spices on them. I have an oil sprayer like this which aids in getting the popcorn lightly coated with oil so spices stick without adding a ton of extra fat.
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We do have bacon salt
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My favorite is granulated garlic (not powder, it's too fine), salt, & pepper. Sprinkle in the garlic with the popcorn seeds before they cook and you end up with roasted garlic flavored popcorn. Yum!
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Powdered tomato added to popcorn is delicious. I get mine here, but I'm sure it's sold elsewhere.
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Put some nori (dried seaweed) on it. Lots of people also enjoy it with furikake (rice cracker) on it.
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popcorn is basically the best use for truffle salt (well and maybe hard boiled eggs). best with butter but just fine with a spritz of oil to make it stick.
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In our house, after making popcorn on the stovetop (using canola oil), it goes like this: little bit of popcorn salt, a shake of Lowry's, multiple shakes of garlic powder, followed by either Penzey's California Pepper blend or Penzey's Shallot Pepper blend, and, if we have it in the pantry, nutritional yeast.
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If you are the kind of person who makes ghee, there is toasty grainy residue at the bottom of the pan, basically the browned milk solids. If you're using salted butter to make it, this brown salty stuff is the essence of awesome on popcorn.
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My favorite is to add unpeeled garlic cloves, a bay leaf, small, dried red chiles to the oil, swirl it around on medium-low heat until the oil is flavored (chile oil!) and the chiles are toasted, then turn up the heat and throw in the kernels. I top with just salt usually, but sometimes I add turmeric or ground cumin.
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Spritz with olive oil, sprinkle with Italian seasoning (or just crushed oregano, thyme and rosemary), throw in a handful of golden raisins or currants, yum.
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Tabasco Soy Sauce.

I was skeptical, but my brother-in-law insisted. He was right. Just the right amount of salt, a little heat, and really tasty.
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parmesan + cayenne.
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celery salt.
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Nutritional yeast + soy sauce is my favorite for savory popcorn, but every now and again the flavoring packet from one of those Instant Ramen Noodles hits the spot - I especially like when I can find a spicy chicken one.
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Creole Seasoning (like, say, Zatarains) is magical on popcorn. Also, many varieties of BBQ rub are delicious. Failing any of that, black pepper is pretty wonderful on popcorn.
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Here's my recent favorite: Marcus Samuelsson's Spicy Dill Popcorn (it's just fine without the butter)
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I haven't tried it yet, but 'er indoors just emailed me this recipe for jalapeƱo, lime and macadamia nut popcorn. (which was what inspired me to come looking for AskMes with popcorn recipes...)
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