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Where are reputable overseas (outside of U.S.) clinics to preform the following procedures: a) a variety of dental work (several crowns, 3 front veneers, 4-5 replacement fillings) and b) hair transplant on forehead ?

I am a woman in her 50's who has just come into a bit of money so I am looking to do some physical self-improvement. The two things top on my list are the dental work listed above and a bit of minor hair transplant work of perhaps 3-4 square inches tops (so I don't look like Richard Nixon anymore when I pull my hair back).

I have been researching various clinics and hair and dental sites but feel overwhelmed at the amount of information out there, much of which is conflicting. I was looking at a well advertised clinic in Juarez but feel a bit put off by the current crime situation there now.

What overseas clinic can I go to for either or both procedures that offer:
1) Minimal chance of secondary infections such as HCV
2) Ideally a third of the price of U.S. procedures (give or take)
3) Has a known positive reputation

I am going to rule out India (unless majorly convinced) simply because of the overall crapshoot reputation the doctors seem to have there per various boards. Length of stay of 2-4 weeks is not an issue nor is travel to any part of the world.

Bonus Question: Is there any reason not to have both procedures done within a week of one another? Any idea which should be done first or does it matter?
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(though again its a crapshoot unless you find something with recommendations. Otoh, these two procedures are far more common here than anywhere else I've seen, there are tons of clinics advertising both in the papers daily)
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I don't know about the hair transplants, but I'm sure it's available, and the dentistry is awesome. Get some clothes made while you're there!

Feel free to memail me for more details - I lived there for years and can dig up some recommendations.
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Well, I know you're skeptical on India, but Dr. Sharma at Dental Innovations in Mumbai was my regular dentist, and I adore the guy. He studied at NYU's School of Cosmetic Dentistry and has a great bedside manner, as well as plenty of patients who come in from abroad. It's a small practice (just him and his wife, two rooms, two chairs), but has better equipment than my old dentist in the States. Memail me if you want more details.
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