But I already shared it with you!
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Why are people sending me requests to share my Google doc, when it's already public on the Web?

I set up a Google doc as "Public on the web - Anyone on the Internet can find and view." I then included the link in an email. Most of the recipients seem to be reading the document just fine, but I've gotten a few "request to share" messages from people who have Gmail accounts. What's going on, and how can I fix it?
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Is it possible they want to be able to edit the doc and are asking for edit access?

Also, I think with the "Public on the web" setting, people can see it, but it doesn't necessarily get added directly into their personal Google Docs collections. They could obviously download and reupload (or copy and paste, or whatever) to accomplish that, but it's possible they a) don't realize that or b) are just lazy.
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