What laptop bag should I buy?
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Please recommend a laptop bag that is significantly padded and can hold a 17" widescreen laptop, cables and mouse. Bonus if it looks nice.

This is an example of a bag that is not significantly padded. The lining in this bag does not offer any serious protection. However, it's close otherwise and is definitely in the style I like.

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I have a Crumpler Dreadful Embarrassment that use for my 17" MBP. I take it on my daily commute on public transit. I've also been a little rough with it on long road trips (crammed in a trunk full of camping/climbing gear). It's a humongous bag that can hold of lot of stuff, but when it's empty, it's actually quite compact. The laptop is held securely in an inner sleeve inside the main compartment. Most importantly, the shoulder strap is quite comfortable unless the bag is absolutely laden with heavy things.
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I'd suggest SwissGear stuff, like the SwissGear 17" computer bag.
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Best answer: I've had this Targus bag for about 4 years now--it outlasted the first laptop, and it's affordable, quite sturdy and well padded, with lots of room for all kinds of extra crap even with a 17" laptop. If you want even more protection, they offer a more expensive deluxe model with some sort of side-impact "dome protection."
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I have a Timbuk2 Commute 2.0 that I absolutely love. A plus is that if you fly a lot, you only need to unzip the laptop compartment part before sticking it in the x-ray at airports. The bag part itself can hold quite a few books/binders and mouse, power cord, etc.
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I am not sure how much you're planning on spending, but I got one from booq for my brother a few years ago and he LOVES it. They are VERY sturdy, great padding, you can fit your laptop and books, if you're a student, and it doesn't go lopsided on you. Since my purchase, my brother had to replace the strap, which he was able to purchase pretty quickly from them..I forgot how much, but for like $7 bucks, I think. But the bags are kinda expensive...but worth it. The price ranges from $99-$300 depending on your need.

A friend of mine who is a frequent traveler with his VERY expensive laptop suggested www.booqbags.com
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The targus deluxe model that drlith linked to is what I have for my Asus 17" gaming system. Was the only one I found that could fit it.
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I got my son this Tom Bihn bag for graduation and he's been very happy with it.
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Response by poster: Thank you, everyone. I like the expensive ones too, but the Targus is inexpensive and seems like it will work perfectly well. Ordered.
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