Coax Installer in Atlanta?
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This is a case of not knowing the right words to google for. I'm looking to have someone come out to the house and run coax cable. I'm trying to search, but I'm not coming up with anything useful.

We're already wired, but I just need a new jack on another side of the room. The work would involve getting into the crawlspace underneath the home, running cable, installing a new jack, etc. I know it's pretty simple in theory, but I'd still rather have a professional do it... *

Any search keys I should be using to find a company or service that can do this type of work? Or better yet, anyone know of one in the Atlanta, GA area that they know of offhand?

* and the crawlspace under the house scares me.
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Low voltage wiring.
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As Mr Fabulous says, coax is considered low voltage wiring. Certainly any electrician can do it. Everywhere I have lived, anyone can do such work (which is why your local telco and cable provider installers can do the work). General handyman types should be able to do it without issue.
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Your cable company should do this for you (says my fiance, who works for the cable company). Just call and ask for an additional jack. They might charge if it's running new cable... but probably still less than an electrician.
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Try searching for home networking or home theater installers in your area.
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Seconding Madamina. My cable company will pull another run in my house sometimes for a nominal charge.
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The Cable company could certainly do the work, I have not yet met one that allowed the technicians to spend the needed amount of time to do the job properly though. Some technicians do pretty good work considering the requirements put upon them by the company, but I would never allow them to do work on a property I owned.
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My company is one that installs telephone systems. We run voice, data, and coax cable in businesses mostly but also residential when we are asked. Try googling (or yellow pages) for business telephone systems, they probably also run cable. The question is will they run coax and will they do a small residential job?
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