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Is there an application or website that'll let me track when and where my favorite bands, singer-songwriters are performing in my city and a neighboring city or two?

So .. there was a time when I was "clued in" and kind of kept up with the musicians that I really enjoyed listening to. These days .. after work, playtime with kid, household chores et al, I simply dont have much discretionary time . Which is fine. But once in a while, I really feel like catching a great singer-songwriter at a local venue or someone like P J Harvey or Arcade Fire or Josh Ritter somewhere not too far from home. I dont get to find out in time for me to plan!

So what I am looking for is really an application or website in which I can select musicians and locations that I am interested in and then every time I log in, the website will show dates in which these musicians will be performing in these cities (or not!)

in case this is relevant, I live in Dallas. I am looking primarily at Dallas and Austin.

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Best answer: I use SonicLiving.
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Best answer: I use SongKick.
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Best answer: SonicLiving's good. And if you use, you can hook up your accounts and it automatically tells you about the artists you listen to.
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Best answer: I've used Tourfilter for this. Checking out the site, it has both Dallas and Austin available. You just put in a list of bands you like and it will email you when they are coming to your selected cities.
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it's been a while since I've checked the plugin myself, but if you are an iTunes user, you can install the iConcertCal plugin. In a nutshell, it finds concert dates within a certain geographical radius for all the artists in your iTunes library.
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Best answer: In addition to, you can also scan your iTunes into SonicLiving or connect your Pandora account. Also, stay tuned - the site's about to get a LOT better in the next few weeks. (Disclaimer - I run product development at SonicLiving!)
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot everybody. SonicLiving clearly does it! and I do use (and Rdio instead of Pandora).
I'll check out Tourfilter, Songkick iConcertCal later at night; iConcertCal looks quite interesting ...

Thank you very much for your replies.
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Best answer: Bandsintown does this too.
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Best answer: I know this is late, but I don't know what I'd do without Pollstar.
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