Good tools for project proposal effort?
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Are there good third-party software packages or tools that can be used to manage labor and material estimates during a project proposal process? It's a little bit of project management and a little bit of sales. Specific needs include...

(Rough) Inputs:
-- Labor rates by year by type of employee
-- Estimated labor hours by type of employee or by department
-- Labor hours spread by month
-- Tasks
-- Material costs
-- Other costs (travel, subcontractors, etc)

(Rough) Outputs:
-- Total cost
-- Price (based on a specified markup)
-- Staffing model by month
-- Spending model by month
-- Work breakdown structure

The strictest use case is a defense project that has specified a WBS with 150 tasks and needs BOEs and lots of other backup. The simplest use case is a project with 2-3 tasks involving maybe five people.

We currently have a beastly Excel spreadsheet that has no flexibility and can't quite do all of the above very well. If there's something a bit fancier that'll do the job I'd love to hear about it.

Please note that this is a hardware system so actual consideration for materials, manufacturing labor, etc is pretty important -- basically, anything that is software-project-centric probably won't help.
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Would RationalPlan work for you? I haven't used it extensively so I am not sure about all of its capabilies. However, it's written in Java, and you can just click on "Start Online Trial Now" to try it out.
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