What determines my primary residence?
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What determines which residence is my 'primary residence' when applying for health insurance, etc?

I'm currently applying for individual health insurance for the first time, in which costs and coverage vary a lot state to state. I have a kind of unique living situation, though. I live part time in two different states and I do freelance work, so I don't have a 'work' address.
I'm wondering if I can apply for insurance in either state. And if not, what is the determining factor about which is my 'primary residence'? What form do I fill out to say I 'officially' live in one state and not the other for applications like this? Is it the address I have on file with the post office? The state with my driver's license? I just want to make sure I have declared my 'primary address' correctly so I don't get denied for showing up as living in a different state, and also so I can pick the state with the better rates since this is my biggest expense. Thanks!
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They'll likely want a copy of your diver's license for proof of both address and identity.

So I would go with what it says on your driver's license.
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Driver's license, car registration, and auto insurance are pretty good indicators of your primary residence. If they aren't all in the same place, several someones are going to be pissed.
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I would guess that the state where you pay income tax (or, if you don't have state income tax, the state where you tell the IRS you live) and the state where you vote might also be important.

And keep an eye on what the different plans cover. Some states have lower insurance rates because they allow insurance companies to sell products that are basically sleazy and useless.
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