naming audio files automatically?
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I have a large collection of bootlegs I'd like to rip to my computer, but I don't want to manually rename all the files.

Many of the bootlegs have info available on freedb, but for those that aren't, I'm hoping there is some sort of program out there that will let me import a text file or csv or something with the track names in it and will rename the specific files on my computer according to the content of that file.

The main program I use is Tag & Rename, but I haven't found that functionality in that program. If there's any program or hack or ANYTHING that will let me do this I will be eternally grateful.
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well, might be a bit too convoluted for you, but i use AF5 to rename the files using an imported file, then use mp3tag to tag these files using the filename as a basis.
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Thank you! AF5 is exactly what I was looking for. And Tag & Rename will be able to create mp3 tags from the newly-created file names.
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