Canadian Seeks DirecTV HD DVR
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I'm a Canadian who currently has a DirectTV subscription with a non-HD receiver. I want to be able to purchase an HD DVR and wanted to make sure I know everything before hand.

To my understanding, all I need is to purchase a new dish capable of receiving the HD signal and the HD DVR from an online retailer like amazon (also the HD package from DTV)

Can some one tell me the specific satellite model I'll need along with the HD DVR model that people prefer.

Thanks everyone
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My memory is very hazy on this, but we needed to get a new dish installed and then get new receivers. I think I have an HR 20 and a something else. You used to be able to buy the receivers from Best Buy, but I think you have to get them from DirecTV now, at least in the US. We also had to get these wire adaptor thingies that go between the coaxial cable and the receiver from DirecTV. When you get a new receiver, you also get a new access card for it. You will have to call DirecTV to activate your new receiver and have the old receiver removed from your account. Anyway, call DirecTV. They'll be able to answer all of your questions.
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I just had a new HD satellite dish and new receiver installed by DirecTV because it crapped out on Monday. Looking at the system setup screen the satellite is an H23. We had received the new HD receiver in the mail and we couldn't get the box to show the HD channels so I do contact them and they had to come out. Also, you don't need the adapter anymore because the boxes are different than the old ones. Anyway, even if you get the box and satellite from somewhere else besides DirecTV you still have to contact them to have them download the channels, etc.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies guys
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