Where can I find this script?
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I was reading Lifehacker yesterday, and came across this entry. My questions concerns this little blurb at the bottom:

This reminds me of the little script I used to use to remind me to get up and move about, something I need to do because of, och, me achin' back.

Is this script he mentions something that is generally available? Or do you think it is something that he just wrote himself? Because I sure could use something like that, having gained 10 pounds in the month and a half since I've started my new job sitting at a computer all day because I can never remember to get up and move around every couple of hours... can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks!
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All you have to do is follow the links. It takes about 3 clicks to get you to Grease Monkey, a Firefox plugin.
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If you follow the link in the post, you can see how to d/l and install the script. It is only for firefox. Also, click on the link to 43 folders, I liked their review of the script.
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Create a file called ~/.make_me_move, containing your favourite motivational message.

Put this in your crontab:

10 10,13,15 * * 1-5 /usr/bin/mail -s "MOVE, JERKFACE" shoppingforsanity@domain.com < /home/shoppingforsanity/.make_me_move (all on one line, of course)

And now you will be motivated at 10:10 am, 1:10 pm and 3:10 pm every weekday.
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Sorry about the bad link. I've never posted a link before but I thought I'd give it a try. Obviously I failed.
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From the writer's diction, I suspect it's something he wrote up himself. Scripting is kind of the broad name for it, and there are different ways to do it for different operating systems, and many web-based tutorials.

But, specifically, this recurring reminder? There are lots of ways to do it with other programs, too, from Outlook to AppleScripts to the KDE tea timer. (Or use a regular timer, or a cellphone, or a wristwatch).
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Sorry for the confusion everyone, but I wasn't refering to the script that the post was talking about, I was refering to the one he offhandedly mentioned at the bottom - I don't want to have to fill out a paragraph everytime the timer tells me to get off my ass :) As for a reminder to get off the internet entirely - that would NEVER work!

And I was originally just going to set my watch alarm for every hour or so, but I work in a VERY tight space with a bunch of jumpy, stressed-out coworkers and just I don't think they'd like that too much :) So I just wanted something that would pop up on my screen at set intervals - thanks for the help cmonkey.
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You could email him and ask.
Alternatively, you could create a Greasemonkey script that would pop up for you.

And it looks like the crontab cmonkey mentions will only email you the contents of your .make_me_move file, not pop anything up on your screen.
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If you're just looking for an application or script that will interrupt your workflow and tell you to get moving, then it really seems to me, logistically, that all you need is an alarm clock application that lets you set multiple alarms.

There are also applications that are designed to make you avoid repetitive stress injuries that accomplish the same task, i.e. this for Windows and this for the Mac.

(I just did a quick and dirty Google search and found these both on the same site -- don't know how good they are. If you tell us what system you use, people here can probably give you more system-specific advice.)
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