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Recommendations for a cool, not too-tourist-homogenized dinner place in Bermuda?

We're two late-twenties backpacker-types staying in St. George's next week. For the most part, we plan to spend our trip eating bag lunches and reading on the beach, but we'd like to have a nice (for us) dinner at least once. Willing to spend up to $150 for the meal and drinks. The more local the fare, the better. We're fans of mostly every cuisine, but want to skip the pub grub for a change.

Personal recommendations online are hard to find - Yelp isn't exactly widespread there and Tripadvisor has a distinct tourist-safe skew. Tips, tricks? And am I right to expect that there may be a lot of closed restaurants on Labor Day?
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He'll probably come into the thread, but you might want to MeMail jasondigitized. He has lived on the rock for several years.

I'd say Mickey's on the South Road in Paget. No, I haven't been there, but I've heard very good things about it, and locals recommend it. For dinner, men will probably need a jacket.

Oh, I am so, so jealous! I hoping to make it over next week, but can't pull it off.
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I *was* hoping
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Dennis' Hideaway in St. Davids is an amazing experience. More seafood that you'll ever eat in your life. BYOB. Great fun!
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I've heard of Dennis' Hideaway, and that is a great idea!
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Response by poster: Following up - Dennis' Hideaway apparently closed sometime in the last few years (Bermudian online directories are notoriously out of date).

Foodwise, Bermuda really is one of the most expensive places I've ever visited, so we ended up eating daily picnic-style meals. The Swizzle Inn was a tasty and relatively inexpensive option.
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Late to the party, but here are my recommendations for travelers to Bermuda:

Super Pro Tip for the adventurous: Go to the small guest house resort called Pompano Beach Club and head down to the pool and have lunch. Look at water. Shed a tear because this is the most beautiful water you have ever seen. Spend $50.00. Go to the Country Squire for dinner. Super local joint. It's nickname is the drinking and arguing club. Don't be intimidated. Just be friendly. Say Good Evening. Order a Heineken, buy a few patrons a Heineken. Chat them up. Ask them about the non-mariners race, and Somerset, and expats, and the issues with 'Town and Country'. $50.00. Hitchhike back to St. Georges. Seriously. As backpackers you guys could totally pull it off.

Super Pro Tip for the reserved: Blu. Go before the sunsets. Good view of harbour. Decent food. Decent ambience. $100.

Super Pro Tip for the well-financed: Waterlot Inn. 340 years old. Ridiculous ambience. Dress up. $250.00 if you want to do it right.
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