Things to do in Milwaukee this Sunday and Monday
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Milwaukee for labor day. Food and things to do recommendations please.

So the wife and I are heading to Milwaukee for this Sunday and Monday. Based on previous questions we ate staying at Hotel Metro and have tickets to the art museum. What else should we see/do? We are theatre people, pescatarians, and enjoy dive bars. We will have a car and have some extra spending money right now so if we must surge for something we can. Thanks
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The Alterra coffee shop along the lake front not far from the art museum is totally great - they've converted a former Milwaukee River flushing station into a coffee shop, and kept a lot of the old machinery. Definitely recommend it either before/after the museum.
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If the Brewers were in town, I'd definitely suggest a game, but it looks like they're on the road.

What about a brewery tour? A walk around the Third Ward?

Looks like there's a Labor Day puppet parade
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Milwaukee Ale House, Kopp's Frozen Custard, Comet Cafe. Wander/drive around Milwaukee's east side. See what is playing at the Pabst Theater or catch a movie at the Oriental Theater. Sprecher Brewery Tour or Lakefront Brewery tour. The Harley Museum, Milwaukee Public Museum or Milwaukee Zoo are all good places to wander around. If you enjoy mexican food head to the south side and visit La Fuente, La Perla or Botanas.
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Reddit has a decent list of lists. though it's admittedly geared a bit more towards the college crowd.
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Woah, I just came back from a dinner at the restaurant across the street from the Hotel Metro. Its a bit more upscale (ie no jeans, white table cloth), and bit expensive but soooo good and the staff are really awesome. We were there for about two hours. I'm a vegetarian, so the menu was limited for me but they offered to add any veggies I wanted to my dish and they've got a good range of seafood. My dad had the sea scallops and said they were very good! I just did a google review on it, and I would def. recommend it. Make some reservations though, its a smallish place.

Its called Zarletti.
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pescatarians + dive bars = Barnacle Bud's for sure. (Bring your GPS, it's almost impossible to find.)

2nding the Third Ward - it was really busy last Saturday. There's the Milwaukee Public Market and lots of clothing boutiques and antique shops. Take the trolley.

The Milwaukee Repertory Theater is showing Ten Chimneys, a comedy about Wisconsin.

The East Side is great and I second the recommendation of the Oriental Theatre. Have sushi at Izumi's first, then play air hockey or go bowling at Landmark Lanes afterwards.

I'd stay out of the area west of the Milwaukee River and north of I-94; it roughly equates to the Austin neighborhood of Chicago.
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There are so many dive bars here that shouldn't be a hard requirement. But here are some bar recommendations (with varying levels of dive-iness) in my neighborhood (Bay View). Frank's Power Plant, Kinnickinnic Ave, just south of Clement.
Black Bird (not really divey but very fun, with retro deco and excellent drinks). Kinnickinnic Ave, north of Olkahoma Ave.
Palomino (very nice outdoor seating, lots of fried food, very friendly to vegans and vegetarians). Russell at Superior, take the Milwaukee Port exit off 794 and turn Left at the bottom of the exit, then Right at Lincoln Memorial which will turn around and turn into Russell.
Also nearby there is At Random which you can google and is quite interesting if you are into a 50s divey place with ice cream drinks or flaming bowls of who knows what that will give you a raging hangover.

You could also check out the Riverwest neighborhood. There are a number of places along Center St that might be interesting for you.
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A restaurant suggestion: Roots is a new farmer-owned and operated restaurant located just below Riverwest. Its doesn't identify itself as pescatarian, but has a vegan menu and a lot of fish choices. Its currently Zagat's top rated Milwaukee restaurant for food, and isn't terribly expensive. It has a nice bar that does not qualify as a dive.

Milwaukee has endless bars, and endless dive bars. I've been out of that scene for a long time, but sulaine seems to be spot on. Riverwest is the new neighborhood for young, single, poor post-college folk. There are a lot of bars, but I can't comment on any of them. Bay View is a little older and a little more settled. My favorite bar in that neighborhood is The Palm Tavern, a small place that specializes in non-US beer and whiskeys. its hard to find as it has no signage, but worth the trip. It has a sister bar, Sugar Maple, that specializes in American craft beer, that is supposed to be great, but I don't know it.

There is also the Landmark Lanes on the East Side -- a true dive bar that hasn't changed in 40 years. its a basement bar with bowling, pool tables, darts and a great cross-section of Milwaukeeians.
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