Will the border patrol get pissy?
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Will I have a problem crossing the US/Canadian border if I'm in the middle of a name change and my passport has my old name while my SSN card and driver's license have my new name?

Long story short, changing one's name sucks. I've changed it with social security and on my driver's license but my passport still has my old name. Will I have any problems making a day trip to Canada (driving across the border)? I could take the new and old social security card, the new and old driver's license, and the marriage certificate if needed.

I'm guessing they'll look at the passport, see it's me, and be fine. However, if they somehow try to crosscheck with the social security dept I'd be screwed.
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Best answer: They aren't going to cross-check with the Social Security Administration.
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^ what (s)he said.
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Assuming you are already in the process of legally changing your name, you can easily explain your situation, should you ever be questioned on any disparity.
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Response by poster: Yay!
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You shouldn't need to show your driver's license if you're showing your passport. Plus Canada is nice as are their border guards (in my experience) so if it does come up just explain it.

Have a safe trip!
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Should be totally fine, but why not tuck your court order or marriage certificate or whatever you show to change your documents into a pocket so you have it if you end up having to explain?
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Canada and their border guards are nice but US border guards are ... less nice. I would bring backup paperwork for the return crossing.
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Just as a warning - if you're one of the unlucky few who get picked for the extra-thorough Canadian beaver search, they will cross-reference your passport, your driver's license and God knows what in the US and Canada. They will strip your car. They will not necessarily be nice about it, and it could prove difficult. In maybe 50 crossings, that happened to me once, but it was unpleasant enough that I gave up my casual weekends in Canada.
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