IKEA furniture question
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Is there anyone in New York City who dis-assembles IKEA furniture?

I have a Svelvik bed in northern Manhattan. I would like to have it taken apart so it can be moved, but I don't have a clue how to go about it, and if any tools came with it, they are long gone.

I know you can hire people to put IKEA furniture together, but is there anyonoe who will come and take it apart?
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Here's the thing with IKEA furniture: it's not designed to be disassembled and reassembled. It's flatpacked, and then designed to be put together, once, and stay that way. While I'm sure you can hire someone on craigslist who will do this, there is a very good chance you will end up with some damage or it won't go together as firmly on the other side.

That said, if you really want to try, you probably don't need anything other than a screwdriver and an allen wrench (you can easily buy an allen wrench set like this at any hardware store), then take out all the screws and whatnot and take it apart. Just be prepared that it probably won't work that well.
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Most IKEA furniture can be disassembled using an allen/hex key and nail extractor (available from IKEA or hardware stores).
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Have you already asked the people who do assembly if they will dis-assemble? If for some reason they won't, Craigslist is your best bet. If you were in LA I would probably do this as I have the basic tools and I'm used to IKEA stuff. I agree with brainmouse though that your reassembly results may vary.
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Here's the assembly instructions - maybe you can just work it in reverse.
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You may want to check the Ikea web site for assembly instructions. If I am not mistaken, this page has a link for downloading assembly instructions fo the Skelvik bed. It should tell you all you need to know to take it apart!
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should have previewed ... parilous beat me to the punch ...
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I've disassembled 'flat pack' furniture before and it can be tricky. I missed a securing piece here and there but reassembled the best that I could and made up for my mistakes with regular drywall screws and an electric drill. Once is not bad, twice and 3x...well, it gets kinda ratty then.
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I disassembled my boyfriend's Ikea bed a few years ago when he moved apartments. I didn't have any special tools (just an allen wrench and a lot of patience), and it took some time (having to look at how everything fit together and proceed bit by bit, trial-and-error style), but it was definitely doable. The connections weren't as tight, though, when I put it back together (without any instructions, of course). Like brainmouse said, these things aren't really meant to be taken apart and reassembled.
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Here's a service we've used:

Drill Professional Furniture Assembly (they'll do disassembly, installation, whatever)

Very good, very fast, and pretty inexpensive.
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Their metal pieces disassemble really well, in my experience.

Our movers actually did this for us, so if you're hiring movers you can ask them. They probably have some basic tools for this kind of thing.
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You can usually find sets of Allan/Hex keys in the dollar store. I recently bought a set in the 99p shop in the UK but I have seen them in US dollar stores.
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As brainmouse says, IKEA flatpack really not designed to come apart again, most of the time. Much better to take apart in substatial pieces, then fix back to gether with upgraded fasteners, in my experience. Some additional hardware and glue may be required.
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The 3 times I have moved with movers in NYC (the last of which being Aug 7), they have taken my ikea bed (and dresser and table....) apart for me. I do ask on the phone when I am scheduling them, and I make sure to have an allen wrench around, but most of them are like "yeah, we know all the ikea furniture instructions by heart."
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Hey, I have this exact bed and I recently disassembled it for my own move! I learned the hard way that it is indeed a two-person ordeal (I was too stubborn and hurried to ask anyone) BUT I still have the little tool and live in NYC, so if you want some help, I'm currently unemployed and have a lot of spare time. Let me know!
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Famous last words, of course, but this looks pretty straightforward to disassemble, once you've found allen keys in the right size. (If you by chance live near Ikea, you can probably go pick some up from their parts department. Otherwise, go to the hardware store. Presumably Ikea allen keys are metric, but I'm not sure.) Take the slats out (obviously), take the center piece out (it doesn't look like it's attached), then undo the sides (this looks like the trickiest bit, since you have to reach through a hole to get to the screws), and leave the head and foot of the bed intact.

The trick to disassembling Ikea stuff to move (well, beds and tables, god knows about the rest of it) is to leave it in as big of pieces as possible. The hard part of putting it together was getting the little pieces into big pieces, so try not to backtrack to the hard part.
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As brainmouse says, IKEA flatpack really not designed to come apart again

Er, what? I've disassembled and reassembled Ikea stuff multiple times and it was never damaged or in a worst state after reassembly (this is assuming everything is held together with screws, bolts, etc, and no glue or nails).

Also if you check out the Ikea website you can download the instructions which will help if you're not sure how it went together in the first place. Click on Product Information, then in the bottom left it says:
This product requires assembly
Download assembly instructions.

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This is exactly the kind of thing Task Rabbit was invented for. But it'd be even better to hire Juicy Avenger.
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Are you getting movers?

Our moving company (Flat Rate Movers, between two Brooklyn apartments, if you're curious) disassembled all of our beds, including an Ikea loft bed, and then reassembled them at our new apartment. Absolutely worth the extra cost.
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My past 2 movers (Rabbit Movers and Top Hat Movers - I had a higher opinion of Rabbit) had guys that disassembled and reassembled my IKEA stuff.
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My IKEA bed and table have been disassemled twice by my movers, and both are as sturdy as ever. The real cheap flimsy stuff (especially shelves) probably disassembles less well.
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