Whereabouts of a used furniture market in London
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Where in London can one find a decent market with second-hand furniture? Hopefully in the N-something postcode areas (Golders Green and Finchley Rd would be perfect). Thank you!
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Does it have to be a market? Holloway Road used to be full of second-hand furniture shops. It's a while since I've been, maybe someone can confirm whether it still is?
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Not at all---it really is just a personal preference (as I used to find better deals in markets rather than in shops). Thanks for the Holloway Road tip!
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Alfie's Antique Market on Church Street in Marleybone (NW8!) and its immediate environs fits the bill, especially if you're looking for amazing Italian acrylic chandeliers from the 70s. On preview, you might have a hard time finding a deal there...but half the joy is browsing.
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Have you tried furniture auctions? Criterion Auctions (in Islington) and Southgate Auction Rooms have weekly sales and rapid turnover. Hornsey Auctions (52-56 High Street, Hornsey), which used to be a good hunting-ground for cheap furniture, now seems to have turned into Hornsey Arcadia. If it's utility rather than quality you're after, the Barnet Furniture Centre is also worth a try.
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