Scratch is good, but not on my CD
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Help me find a mixtape I lost!

I've either misplaced or damaged beyond repair a CD of one my favorite mixtapes/freestyles. Since it's been a while that I've given it a listen, I can't recall the title, and I can only remember a few of the details, so I sincerely hope Mefi can help me out on this...

What I remember: this was very likely a Hot '97 mixtape or production in some capacity. Kay Slay was MCing. It was a number of freestyles by some people hanging out with him there. I remember particularly Mos Def doing "What's beef" on there. As far as other artists, I can remember Pharaoh Monch on there, and Mad Skillz (no idea if he had dropped the "Mad" at the time). I remember Skillz's freestyle having the lines "You don't know a nigger that can spit it with skillz", and then at some point he spit "In fact, I'm gonna tell you all how long I been this way", "I was sick before hip-hop had thugs", a bunch of lines about him being sick before a whole bunch of other artists, and ending with "The only way you'd be sicker than me is if you're already dead".

Now, this was obtained via trading with various people. It might be a mixtape, it might be an underground tape, it might even have been just taped off the radio show for all I know. Does it ring a bell for anyone? Is there anywhere I can track this down? I'm certainly willing to pay for the CD if I can figure out which one it is. Of course, I've done the google and cddb dance a number of times and haven't found what I needed... Help!
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A bit more info: I got a hold of this maybe 3 years ago or so? It wouldn't be a recent release for sure. I dimly remember Kay Slay saying "Pass him the headphones, pass him the headphones", kind of cutting short some other guy's freestyle and having the headphones to Skillz, who then asked if he was jumping on that beat (but I don't remember the beat? Maybe "In Da Club"?). Hopefully this all should be enough to differentiate this tape from the dozens of others that probably have Mos Def and Skillz on them, and Mos Def doing "Beef"...
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