What WAS that movie???
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In 2005, on Delta Flight 627 operated by Alitalia, somewhere between Chicago and Milan, an Italian film was shown to the mostly empty cabin. After six years, I have been unable to locate it -- any help?

The film opens with an Italian family in conversation. Each month, they receive a large package of cash in the mail, with no idea where the money came from. This has been going on for some time.

The husband has been saving each of the envelopes and not using them, much to the wife's chagrin.

An odd stranger appears to the family, dressed up in different garb, from a tax collector to a priest, each time, saying that money was sent to the family by accident, and each 'person' requests it back.

The family flees to a country home, yet the odd stranger finds them there quite quickly.

The stranger captures the husband in his house and tell him -- essentially -- that it's blood money. The husband reacts poorly and goes home, where his wife tells him that she will divorce him if he does not use the money to buy a house.

He tries to explain that it is blood money, however, that falls on deaf ears and the family continues to put pressure on him.

Meanwhile, the odd stranger's father gets involved and the husband is just about to give the money back when the stranger's father dresses him down and tell the husband he can keep the money.


This is what I remember of the plot. I remember that overall it was quite funny and really enjoyed watching it. I would love to find it again.

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Best answer: Cose da pazzi?
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Response by poster: Molto bene! Grazie mille per il vostro aiuto.
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