Did the Maori people buy the train station in Wellington New Zealand?
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Did the Maori people finally decide to buy the train station in Wellington New Zealand?

I read this press report from 2009 that the Maori organisation dealing with compensation under the Treaty of Waitangi had been given two years to decide if they wanted to buy the main railway station in Wellington. What did they decide? Anybody know anything?
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The last I heard, they were still deciding. The deadline is Sep 2, so it hasn't passed yet. I would imagine it would have been in the news if they had but I could easily be wrong.

The Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust is likely the organisation you'd want to contact if no one here knows (it's not one "Maori organisation" making compensation deals, my understanding is that it is happening on an iwi basis) and they have a website and a Facebook page.
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The deadline hasn't passed yet - as I understand it they're still thinking about it:

"The Port Nicholson trust is nearing the deadline for choosing which Crown assets it buys as part of its settlement, with the iconic Wellington Railway station on the list. 'It's the most used public facility in New Zealand,' Love says." [Aug 9]
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Here's an update.
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