Help me identify this Chanel dress
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Won't you please help me find this Chanel dress again?

About 2 years ago I was visiting London and wandered into an upscale resale shop. I fell in love with this Chanel silk dress I adored it and I had never seen one similar to this style. For some very silly reason I put the dress back and vowed that I'd go back later in my trip to buy it.
TO make a long story short, I never did get a chance to go back and I think about the damn dress at least once a day.

I know the chances of me ever finding it again are slim to none but I thought I'd give it a shot.

The sales associate said it was vintage Chanel... not sure if I believe that it was actually vintage. but I know it was authentic as I checked tags out of habit. It was silk and I know the photo is low quality but, it has chain-like printed detail. The bottom of the dress as well as the sleeves have cut out hanging chain prints around them. It's got the whole 70's vibe going on.

I've literally googled every combination & variation of the words "chanel", "silk", "chain print" for the past 2 years.

any help is appreciated!
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Would Chanel know?
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Maybe try searching with the term "links" or "link pattern"? I found this scarf in the same pattern...
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I would try the purseblog forum...the people who frequent it are relentless in their quest for beautiful and fashionable items. Although it is prefaced by the word 'purse', they definitely welcome posts on clothing as well.
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Wow. You are not kidding - I've been googling for an hour and haven't seen so much as an ad for it. I'll keep on it though, I flatly refuse to be foiled by the internets.
To actually answer the question, I'd print out that pic and start dropping it off at couture vintage shops where you live. Where do you live anyway, if you don't mind my asking?
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I live in Chicago. I travel to New York a lot, too.
I'm fascinated with Chanel and usually am a pro at finding pieces online or at least finding a bit of back information on it, especially the older items.

That's a great idea about printing the photo...customer service never got back to me when I wrote them a few months ago. Which I expected. I mean they should be all hard to reach & standoffish. that's why I fell in love with Chanel in the first place. :)
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