How can I get the Pages app I already paid for?
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How can I re-download the Pages application that I've already paid for? (Mac)

I got a new computer due to them selling me a computer with a broken CD-ROM drive. They wiped everything and "put back on what [they] could", whatever that means. Anyways, how can I convince Apple I already bought it and get it for "free"? What do I click on? What do I do? No way I should have to buy it again. This is on a Mac.

Secondly, will all my documents from Pages be lost? I doubt it, because they "backed everything up", but I'm getting scared.
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You'll need your registration key to keep using it after the 30 day trial is up, but you can download the full iWork suite here.

(I'm assuming you didn't buy it on the App Store, in which case you can of course just re-download it there.)
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Response by poster: Do I still need a key when I've paid for it, not just used the free trial? It's fully paid for. Just need it on my computer. Damn, this is frustrating. Thanks everyone. Please try to help if you can!
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What version of iWork? '09?

Did you buy the retail box? If so, did you lose it?
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You bought a computer with broken drive? second hand I assume. How did you install Pages onto it? Do that again.

If you bought it from the App Store (which the link above takes you to) then just download it again. If you bought a box then just install it again, what's the big deal? If you didn't get it from the App store and don't have the box then you have no proof of purchase.

If they restored "what they could" then the previous Applications directory should have been restored. If not then I would not trust these people to have done anything like a thorough job and a missing application is likely to be the least of your problems.
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Response by poster: cortes - No, I bought it online from the Mac store itself. I'm not sure which version, I'm sorry :(

odinsdream - When I say I paid for it, what I mean is I went to the Apple webpage and searched for the name of the app and then found it and then clicked on it and put it in my cart and then hit "checkout" and then input my credit card info so they could charge it and then I believe I was given a link and some sort of confirmation number to download it. I don't remember the exact price but if I recall it was like 20 or 30 dollars. That's for Pages, I didn't buy the entire iWork package, just that one app.

epo - If my computer is second-hand, the Mac store is being highly, illegally unprofessional and dishonest. It was sold to me as a brand new Mac laptop at a brand new Mac laptop price. I installed Pages onto my old computer by... buying it... and I don't want to... buy it again... that's the whole point of my question... The applications directory was not restored.

My mother has since taken it to her insurance company job where she is a boss and had their tech guy look at it, and he says all the files are on here and will reappear along with the preferences I had set in my apps and all the info in them and whatnot. This has been proven by the fact that when I re-downloaded Evernote (for free), all my info was still in there, which was a relief. My question is asking how to get Pages on my "new"** computer WITHOUT HAVING TO RE-BUY IT.

There's no reason I should have to re-buy an app and lose all my saved documents because they sold me a computer that came broken. I already have had to go computerless for 20 days while they fixed their own mistake, and I'm not willing to also allow them to take my apps and short stories from me.

**CD-ROM drive replaced, same hardwire, for some reason they had to wipe out the memory to an external hard drive then put it back on, which is where the loss of apps and the information contained therein happened.
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I assume since you talk about a web page, a cart, and a checkout process, that you bought it from the Apple Online Store. In that case, go back there and log in to your account. There is a link on the account page to "Downloadable Software Purchases". Presumably you can access your copy of Pages there.

If, on the other hand, you bought it via the Mac App Store, you can also just re-download it from there again for free without paying.

It should not have taken 20 days to replace a computer under warranty for a broken CD drive. In any case, let this be a lesson to you to maintain a full Time Machine backup of your system on an external drive. It is not Apple's responsibility to restore your data in the event of a system malfunction, although they will try.
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Response by poster: I went to the Apple online store (which is where I bought this app), went to "Downloadable Software Purchases", and it was completely empty. This isn't the first app I've bought from there and not the only one I need to re-download. This is becoming a bigger problem and why would it be empty when I've purchased at least 10 applications from there. I called customer service and they essentially hung up on me. Any ideas anyone? Why would all applications be gone? Thanks to anyone still checking back in here, as this isn't yet resolved. Big thanks.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone... I'm taking it back to the tech guy after I try the documents thing odinsdream helpfully suggested. Lucky to have semi-easy free access to an IT guy. Thanks everyone. I'll pick the best answer when I find out which is closest to what's actually wrong. odinsdream chosen for thoroughness. :)
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