Why are files on the title bar of my being expressed in an Asian language?
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I tried searching for this question but I didn't have much of a plan on how to phrase unique search terms -- sorry. But, yesterday -- my internet explorer would put the title of a webpage I was browing -- like "Metafilter" -- on the title bar in the english language you are now reading. However, today, it's all in an Asian language.

I didn't change any language settings. I tried google but it's about to change to an Asian script! -- A small problem, yes, but I just want to make sure it's not the result of a wierd error on my computer.

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Have you scanned for spyware? Ad-aware, Spybot, etc.?

Has anything else changed languages?

If you're using Windows XP can you do a system restore?

(I was very tempted to post this reply in another language)
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What Servo5678 said and then, if possible, switch to FireFox.
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Thanks guys -- I figured it was spycrap but I'd just never heard of that wierd presentation. And, yes, as a point in favor of Firefox -- it's ain't happening to it (or, any other program for that matter).

I.E. 7.0 beta is out this summer -- I'm beginning to think Microsoft should just not bother.

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If there's an icon you don't recognize in the toolbar down at the bottom right corner of your screen, try clicking it. If it brings up a menu that includes "English", click that. I had something like what you're describing for a while, but I thought it was because of the Chinese-language reader my wife installed.
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