Do you know a good company that makes custom sized bread bags?
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I need to order custom-sized paper bags to be part of the packaging of shipments of bread. The bags need to be large — hence the need to go custom. I'm thinking 12" x 18", and expandable enough to fit a height of 4-5". Most bags I've seen have a flat bottom, but are gusseted to expand — that's what I imagine ordering. Any recommendations on a place that could do this for me? NYC-specific would be great, but I'm willing to order from any company that can do it quickly and at an affordable price. We're talking orders in the 100s or 1000s, but most likely not in the 10,000s — at least to start. I'd need them to print a logo on the bags as well. They'd also need to keep in moisture and not get oily from the bread.
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Do you want paper or plastic or recycled?

If you search by "bakery bags", there's a bunch of suppliers.
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Paper. I've looked for about a week now and have had no luck. That's why I'm thinking custom. I've tried the company I usually use for custom bags, but they've been rather unhelpful.
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You do see that I wrote 12"x18", right?
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If Treecycle asks for a special order for

12P14 Natural large loaf window bag - 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 14" - special order unbleached natural wheat design 1 box (1000 bags) 28 lbs $135.99

Couldn't you contact them to see if they can make your size to special order?
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I'll try it out. Couldn't hurt. I've been emailing/calling quite a few places.
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