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Are older episodes (i.e. 2000 - present) of daytime soap operas available either for rental or purchase?

Posting for a friend:

A friend of mine is looking for older episodes of the daytime soap opera General Hospital. Specifically, she is looking for episodes from 2000 to the present day, ideally on either VHS or DVD. She has looked around on sites like eBay and Amazon, with no success. I've tried to locate archives of older episodes on the Internet using search terms such as "soap opera archives" and "General Hospital online", but I haven't been able to find anything useful.

She would like to have good quality copies of these episodes, either for rental or purchase. If any of you know a place where these could be obtained, she and I would be extremely grateful. Thank you so much for your assistance.
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Short answer: No.

Longer answer: ABC has never released any of their daytime archives for sale on DVD or VHS, with the exception of some repackaged clip specials in the 90s (probably easily found by your friend if she's looked on Amazon)

Nothing else like that has been put up for sale at all. Theres a strong likelihood that the cable network SoapNet will probably do a General Hospital marathon, which may contain some of these episodes, sometime between now and January 2012, when it is scheduled to be repurposed as another channel. (This may or may not happen -- both the possible marathon OR the repurposing of the channel.)

The only place where old daytime soap episodes turn up regularly is on YouTube, and I think your friend's best bet would be to contact the users who have gone through the trouble of converting old VHS episodes to digital in order for them to be shared via clips. Those type of people tend to be the type of loyal fans who would be interested in a tape swap/some other arrangement if they've saved episodes at all.
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There are lots of channels on Youtube that post older storylines in chronological format, and there are sometimes references on the channel pages about purchasing additional DVDs of whatever they're missing Your friend could contact some of those dedicated users and probably get some direction.
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