Whaddaya mean there's no international book rate?
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What is the cheapest reliable way to mail a book (about 10" x 12" x 1") from the continental USA to the UK?

This is a bound dissertation (not mine!), so it would be moderately expensive to replace, but it is not valuable to anyone but the recipient.

The owner wants it shipped well-cushioned in bubble wrap, so I don't think a padded envelope is an option.
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Cheapest? Just use USPS and a folding box big enough for the book and its wrapping. They can weigh and asses postage at the counter of your local post office. Mail to the UK is highly reliable.

You can get it quicker with their Global Express, but that's also a bit more pricey.
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If time is not an issue, USPS Media Mail will be the cheapest solution.
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Wait, I just saw your "more inside" heading. I was unaware that you could not mail to Great Britain with Media rate? Huh.
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Use this page to find out how much it will cost. If you can weigh it along it with the box you intend to use, you can get an exact price. The first prices they will show you will be the most expensive, ignore them and click on "First Class Mail". It looks like 2 pounds to the UK is $18.55.
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I do this a lot, and except in very exceptional circumstances where the flat rate priority mail boxes are a good deal, it's always international first class. It usually takes about a week to 10 days, and in 8+ years I've never had a package get lost.
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