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What should we name our non-awkward cash registry website?

My friends and I are making a cash registry website where guests can make financial contributions in lieu of gifts for special events. It may operate quite similarly to Rainfall of Envelopes, but with a bit of a kiwi bent.

We'd like it to embody a simple, positive and grateful vibe, and as far as possible, avoid the awkwardness or rudeness that can come with asking for money.

Availability under a .co.nz domain would be a bonus!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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http://thank-you-very-much.co.nz/ is available, and in my head "thank you very much" always auto-completes with "for your kind donation, thankyouverymuchthankyouveryveryverymuch" thanks to too much telethon exposure in my formative years.
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contribeauty.co.za appears available
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I like the idea of "thank you very much" but I don't recommend having dashes in your name, it's cumbersome to say and type.
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