What are your favorite off-beat online resources for news and culture in Singapore?
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What are good (off-beat) online resources for news and culture in Singapore?

I've just moved to Singapore and am looking for blogs, news sites, twitter feeds, etc to keep me informed about culture and local news. I'm thinking of blogs along the lined the Gothamist or SFist, but for Singapore. The Straight Times is OK, but i'm looking for online outlets with a bit more personality and coverage of less mainstream culture. I'm especially interested in sites that post about interesting arts and culture events, like independent movies, concerts, etc.
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Best answer: Go to Sistic to browse for events. Yesterday has got some pretty good looking adverts for exhibitions.

For the others, try this list (quite a random selection, but I'm sure you'll find lots of links from here too):
The Online Citizen
The Singapore Daily
Singapore Life and Times

I also like Miyagi and Mr Brown for something a little less serious.
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For Art's Sake! is an art blog with Today.

The Substation sometimes puts out some good critical writing on the arts.

The Online Citizen's facebook feed is quite a fun one to follow, especially if you're interested in politics.
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Too mainstreamy maybe but there's also Time Out Singapore.
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