Are Sandy Hook or Long Branch beaches open tomorrow?
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Unexpected day off tomorrow. Want to take the kids to the beach tomorrow. How can I tell if Sandy Hook or Long Branch (NJ) will be open tomorrow? Is the area flooded or the roads leading to the shore flooded? And, is it safe to be on the beach 24 hours after the storm is over? Am not planning on going into the water.
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Much of Jersey shore did get hit pretty badly, I bet state of New Jersey website would have info on anything actually being open; it doesn't seem to tonight though. Keep in mind though that it's likely to be traffic hell because of the returning evacuees and slow re-opening of public transit. Local media searches in the AM may be your best bet.
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Governor Christie says "Stay at home," to workers, but doesn't seem to have advice for beachgoers, but that doesn't sound good. (Includes map of flood damage).
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Long Branch was mostly evacuated and I don't know that things will really be up and running tomorrow. Updates may be available for Long Branch at the town website.

Gateway National Rec. Area (which is the oversight org for Sandy Hook) says they "hope" to be open tomorrow after assessing conditions.
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Check or call the NJ Department of Environmental Protection’s beach closure hotline at 1-800-648-SAND

I hope you see some neat stuff washed up. But be careful of nasty stuff like needles that may have washed out of the storm sewers.
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Sandy Hook is closed and beaches are all closed to swimming - potential sewage contamination, so I'd take that seriously and not wade either. I can't find anything current on Long Branch, but a friend who lives there posted pictures on Facebook showing some pretty serious flooding. I wouldn't count on beach access or things being fully open - but you could also just call the town, probably the easiest thing to do.
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