1. Obtain lots of seltzer cartridges. 2. ??? 3. Profit!
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Are seltzer cartridges recyclable? And/or is there anything cool I can do with them?

We have a lot of those seltzer cartridges like you use with one of these chargers. I don't know what to do with them. Are they recyclable? Or maybe there's something else cool that we can do? We are DIY sort of people, and the mister really likes to weld and blacksmith and otherwise play with metal, and has most of the appropriate equipment*, so maybe they can be turned into something else? But I don't know what kind of metal they might be lined with -- would it be safe to mess with them? Can I donate them somewhere? Anything?

I just know they have to get out of the house somehow, but it feels wrong just to throw them away.

* There is a MIG welder and a small forge. There may be other machinery and stuff I don't know about.
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I've always put mine out with the recycling, no problem. Not very exciting, though, sorry!
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My city has mixed-container recycling - glass, plastic, metal - and they've never rejected my empty charges. I'm fairly certain they see them there and make a conscious decision to take them as they've rejected things in the past, but never the charges... when my husband tossed the fancy jelly jar with the 3" cork stopper in there, the cork part was left lonely in the bottom of the bin... So yes, they're recyclable.
I know nothing about what else is in there, lining the exterior.

If he decides to weld them, be aware that the pressure will increase in there when the temperature rises - but those guys are made to hold pressure and it should fall back again at room temperature so I don't think that's a problem to be solved.
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I noticed recently that my local Ace Hardware had an exchange program for these cartridges, but it may be limited to a specific brand.
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Aren't seltzer cartridges just aluminum? You're referring to the little canisters that hold the CO2 to carbonate water, right?
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Response by poster: Yay for recycling! Thanks. Would definitely welcome any other interesting ideas, still, though.

dfriedman, looking at them again I think some are aluminum but others are stainless.
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CO2 cartridges are just regular steel. Completely recyclable. I dunno if there are any art applications.
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I've seen people cut off most of the rounded side, enlarge the pierced opening in the tapered side, and use it as a pipe bowl for smoking stuff.
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