Anything to help someone with a broken back go to the bathroom
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My father has a compression fracture and cannot twist around. Does anyone have any ideas on how he can wipe himself when he goes to the bathroom? I don't know how or when he will have the pain managed to be able to do it normally.
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If he usually wipes front to back by twisting and reaching behind himself, he might want to try wiping from back to front by leaning forward and reaching between his legs. There's still movement of his back, so maybe it won't help, but at least no twisting.
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Would a 'toilet reach tool' (I'm not sure that's the most accurate term, but it's in that ballpark) be of assistance? Like this or this or any of the similar ones that come up in the "Customers Also Viewed" section.
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argonauta's answer is what I was coming in to suggest - experience with disabled friends leads me to recommend this one.

may he heal quickly & well!
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Poo in style with a clip-on bidet.
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Also maybe getting a few boxes of toilet moist 'wipes' (like so) might help - doesn't solve the back issue, but probably means less wiping needed, especially when used with a toilet wipe thingy.
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I just finished recovering from a compression fracture and had to use the wiper in the first of argonauta's links. I often used it with a moist wipe instead of tp.
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Response by poster: I forgot to mention he's obese.
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Then you may want to look at things from Amplestuff.

They have a portable clip-on bidet, as well as specialized reacher device for shoes and socks. Alternately the sponge-and-reacher can be helpful as well.
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A hand-held shower wand and clean up in the tub/shower.
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Get one of those old people catalogs, like Dr. Leonard's Pr Carol Wright, they have the reach around tools. I highly recommend flushable wet-wipes. They get you a LOT cleaner. I feel his pain. I was in the hospital and on an IV the whole time. It was on my left hand. I have damage to my right shoulder and reaching around to wipe was a major deal. I hope he will be in better health soon.
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