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Question about using maple sugar in a candy recipe.

I've had a request for maple candy. I know there are traditional maple candies made by reducing maple syrup, but my best candy recipe/technique is with fudge. I have a fudge recipe that works well for me, and I have some granulated maple sugar. Would it work to do a partial substitution of maple sugar for granulated sugar? I have read that maple sugar is sweeter than regular sugar, but with candy making the chemistry is important, and I hesitate to reduce the sugar content of my fudge. I am willing to experiment and throw out a batch or two if necessary, but if I don't have to, that's even better.
I could also make a plain fudge and then stir in maple syrup, I suppose, but I already have this maple sugar, and thought it might be cool to use.
My usual candy base is sugar, cream, and corn syrup, with butter and flavor (e.g. chocolate) stirred in after cooking. So, do you have any experience with using maple sugar in candy? Would this work? Any ideas on substitution ratios is welcome, as are alternate maple candy recipes and ideas.
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From Ms. Vegetable:
Maple syrup, just added in, would mess up the texture of your fudge.
Maple syrup, as a substitute for part of the corn syrup, might work.
Maple sugar should totally work. I would check to see if the granules are the same size as the regular sugar for which you're substituting, though.
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