Best source for art prints?
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Best source for art prints?

I'm looking for some art for my office, and I'm trying to find the best sources for high-quality prints. I've seen the usual online sources that Google returns, and I'm wondering if there are better or different.

Specifically, I'm looking for art from Van Gogh to the Blue Rider - roughly 1890-1925 European and American modernist or quasi-modernist art (e.g. Albert Pinkham Ryder). I'm not worried about framing, I'm just looking for good-quality prints themselves.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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did you check out
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Are you only interested in that period, or do you have any interest in contemporary?
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I'm pretty much interested in anything, including contemporary (Freud, Rothko, etc.), but I wanted to narrow it down so that my question wasn't totally vague -
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Well if you're interested in contemporary (living) artists and very high quality prints at a variety of very attractive price points I recommend you check out Jen Bekman's incredibly innovative website 20x200. The work varies somewhat, but if you are confident of your eye you can do incredibly well for yourself.
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How about the Chicago Art Institute?
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Museum giftshops (and their websites) are great sources for this stuff. The prints are usually higher quality than what you find on or whatever, and they're often of a higher-end design. There's more thought put into the way they're laid out, and often the museums will have posters from a recent exhibitions. Which looks way cooler in your space - you come off as someone who goes to museums regularly. If you care about that sort of thing.

Finding posters you want from the various sites out there is fairly easy. First identify paintings you like and figure out which museums they're in. Then visit those museums' websites. Chances are, if it's even a vaguely well known work, the museum will have a poster of it. Done and done!
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