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Which French (I think) folk dance did I do as an elementary schooler in Indiana in the late 90s? (Details inside.)

In elementary school in Indianapolis in the late 90s, my class learned about twenty different folk/popular dances from all over the world and then came together with hundreds of kids from all over the city/state and did them together. I remember the names of some of them (Pata Pata, Montego Bay, Virginia Reel, Colonel Sanders Mixer), but not the one that was our absolute favorite. I'm almost positive it was French, and I remember the dance involved linking pinkies in a circle. The song was relatively fast and one of its defining features was a sheep baa-ing throughout.

Does anyone have any ideas what this might have been, or at least what the song was?

Thanks in advance!
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"Sweet Girl" is a dance imported from Armenia where the line is formed like an open circle. Dancers link pinky fingers and hold their arms at shoulder height. The dance is slow and expressive, with repetitive steps that make it easy to dance.
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I've googled around with this information, and I'm almost positive you're right! Now just to find the music we danced to. Thanks.
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See also the An dro Breton folk danse.
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This is almost certainly An Dro Retourne├ę, with the standard recording of Chang'rais tu Madaleine. (Sweet Girl is a fun dance too, but no sheep).
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YES. The actual right answer is nonane's. Thank you so much; my former classmates and I thank you.
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Yay! I taught this dance at a workshop for college freshmen yesterday and it was one of their favorites too.
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