Credit Union in Arlington, Virginia?
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I'm moving to Arlington, Virginia in a week or two and want to switch from using a corporate bank to a credit union. None is available through my employer, so I'm hoping there will be one for residents of that area. I'd like them to have a functional online banking interface which is compatible with Mint.
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I have a USAA account and it gets along with Mint just as well as my Wachovia one.
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Arlington Community Federal Credit Union - not a member, so I can't vouch for the interface.
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Do you have a family member who did military service? They'd have to come open an accountaccount too, but Navy Federal is gret- I dunno how compatible their online interface is with Mint, but I use it almost exclusively.
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No military connections to speak of, so those options won't work for me. Thanks anyway.
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Go through the phone books and call all the credit unions. Some have very cut & dried policies about what groups get in, others use more of a network system, where if your neighbor's sister used to work in eligible company Y, they can somehow justify letting you in.
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I googled

credit union eligibility

and found this site, which obligingly coughed up local credit unions for my current and several previous employers.
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If you can't find anything you like, BB&T is supposed to be a top notch operation.
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Pentagon Federal Credit Union. No military connection required -- give 10 bucks to the Red Cross and you're in. Works with Mint.
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