Jump-land from high cause rectum pain
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I am male. When I jump down from a fence, why is there a sharp pain in my rectum?

Assuming the fence is at least 2 metres high. This happens when I land on foot with stiff legs. It does not happen when I try to cushion my fall by allowing my legs to bend. It has happened on a several occasions since I was a teen till about mid twenties. It has not happened recently as I have been careful about cushioning my lands, but it has been on my mind and finally got around to posting it on Mefi!

It does not happen when I jump up and down on flat surface, or while playing basketball.

The pain is sharp, intense and short-lived. It is like something about an inch deep is getting pinched or squeezed hard..

Possibilities I have come up with:
-prostate moving out of position too suddenly, possibly tearing something
-too much blood rushing too quickly downwards pushing against some wall near the anus
-large intestines pressing into the rectum.

I would like to know if anyone else shares this experience? And what is the cause of it?
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I don't know about a sharp pain, but if I land on my heels, it tightens up. Probably snaps shut in case you're hitting water.
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additional possibility:
-you have a bone chip floating around back there that is normally benign even with small jumps, but with 2-meter uncushioned jumps that kind of shock pushes it against a sensitive nerve. You parkouring may have caused the chip to occur, the first time around. It could be referred pain caused by a chip not in the precise location where you feel the pain. But IANAD. Check out the discussion on this page, which is probably better advice — it suggests quite a range of possible causes. So probably you're not going to get this pinpointed without some medical examinations.
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Related maybe to Proctalgia Fugax, which is something i've suffered from for awhile without ever knowing the name?
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Newton's first law of motion? You are jumping; your intestinal tract is in motion. You stop; your intestinal tract is still in motion, until it essentially bangs to a stop against your sphincter. Which, by the way, is filled with nerve endings. Like, loads of them.

There is a reasonable amount of force involved in such a leap. Your teeth likely chatter shut as well, your knees may crunch, etc.
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Geez...what's with the doomsday scenarios? Most likely it's just internal hæmorrhoids.
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fence is at least 2 metres high. This happens when I land on foot with stiff legs.

What? That has to be painful anyway. Don't do that, Newton's First law, etc, etc.
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When I went to a physical therapist for what I was sure was a broken tailbone that was stabbing me internally and made me feel like I was sitting on a steak knife, I was told that the nerve endings there are... imprecise? So it might feel like it's your rectum but actually it's something else in the general area.
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guy goes to doctor and says, it hurts when i jump from fences. what should i do? doctor says, don't jump from fences.
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The nerve endings in your rectum connect to your brain via your spine.

Be kind to your spine.
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