How to Display My Website In a Google Search.
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How do I get a search for my Website to display organized headers and pages like the New York Times or Mashable looks like if you type their names into Google?

Type in New York Times or Mashable into Google and those sites come up and look very nice and organized. You can see all their main pages listed in bold with links to those sections all listed under the main header of the Website (Mashable or NYT). How can I set my Website up so that a search performed looks like that and not just random pages of my Website?
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Site map. There are a lot of tools out there for this, but I'm not sure which ones are on the up and up and which, if any, aren't.
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You use Google web master tools. AFAIK you cannot activate this feature by yourself, only Google can do that, but once it is activated you can specify the content.
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Google's documentation on sitelinks, which I think are still separate from but similar to their search snippets. You've probably noticed sitelinks were recently improved. My own site still only gets search snippets. In theory, the way to improve is by following Google's SEO recommendations, perhaps by scoring yourself the way they scored their own sites' SEO.
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Cool, I figured it was a mix between things I can do and things Google would have to allow! Though I admit to not paying enough effort to sitemaps just yet. That project jumps to the top of the list and I will follow all of the recommendations and links above to see what I can do. Thanks everyone!
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Just as a point of reference I've run a site that is three years old and I had a site map for the majority of that time. I just recently started to get the nav links under my result. I would also say that these are a bit odd, since some of the things they link to aren't what I would feature. It's probably also a bit self-fulfilling, since the popular content is what's linked, but the linked content is going to be more popular.
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