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Online Photo scanning services that ship to/from UK - does anyone have any recommendations? Doesn't need to be professional quality, they're just normal everyday pics.

I can find lots of US based sites that have many reviews; however struggling to find comparable UK based service. I did see one previous Askme question but that was four years old and only referenced one high street retailer. Looking to do about 500 pictures if that matters.

Would be also great to get any recommendations for photo album printing services.

Thanks for your help!
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I've used Mr Scan to scan some old negatives - they did a good job. They also scan photo prints, but don't offer any printing services.
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I realise not answering your question proper but I recently had to digitise about the same number of photos and just bought one of those small photo scanners from amazon for about £25. All done in a few hours and it's now doing the rounds with friends/family (it being the sort of thing which you'll only use once).
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