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My amnesiac brother heard a song maybe 15 years ago, about a radio DJ. He now has me hunting it down on the internets, but... he doesn't recall a single complete line of the lyric. There was something along the lines of "And his name was Max von Lowenstein/Guildensteen/Springsteen",, that's it. Can you help?

Apparently this amazing man had the initiative to play like, the Beatles and Abba in the same segment. Clearly, he just didn't care. Or, he really did. I dunno.
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Maybe my favourite ever song about a DJ : WOLD - by Harry Chapin?
posted by mattr at 1:21 PM on June 2, 2005 cannot be that. Slinks off to think.
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I don't think that you're looking for Hey, Mr DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal, but I thought that I'd take this opportunity to mention a fine song.
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"Rex Bob Lowenstein," by Mark Germino.

Lyrics here.
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And mp3 here, I think.
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Thank you from bro' Maurice. Fair play!
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