Add a wallpaper to my cellphone?
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I have a LG F9100 cellphone and use Cingular for my service provider. I'd like to add some wallpapers from sources outside the Cingular website (i.e. DeviantArt). How can I do this?

The Cingular website is no help - not surprising since they're trying to sell their own wallpapers. I'm not too tech-knowledgable on cell phones so I'm politely requesting assistance from a kind Metafite with a few minutes to spare. Thanks in advance!
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Take a look at Bitpim. It's a freeware app that allows you to interface your computer to cell phone via a special usb cable made for the phone (I bought the cable at Radio Shack).

With Bitpim you can upload ringtones, wallpapers, even contacts from your computer to the phone.

The site specifically mentions that the program is designed for the LG Vx4400/6000 series phones, but it looks like others are supported. I would poke around, see if your phone is/will be supported.

I currently have the VX4400 and Bitpim works like a charm.
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If you have web access on your phone you can host an (properly-sized, I don't know what the dimensions are for your phone) image remotely and download it via the web browser.

I have a Motorola V180 with Cingular and I use this method to download wallpapers and custom-made ringtones. You'll have to pay the requisite access fees of course (I think Cingular's are 1cent per 1 kilobyte if you don't have the web access plan, but I'm not sure... it's not that much, either way, as long as you're not doing it all the time).

You could easily do this with some Geocities webspace or whatever if you don't feel like going out and buying the USB cable. Assuming your phone has this capability, that is--the only phones I'm familiar with are Motorola's V180/V220, but I think this is pretty basic functionality--I'd be surprised if your phone didn't have the capability, though you may not have internet access turned on.
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I have a V180 and had no problem with the cable. My son has an LG (but not the 4400 or 6000) and I haven't gotten the cable to work yet with Bitpim. If you figure it out, let me know. I got the cables for both on eBay.
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I forgot to mention: By googling your phone model number, you may find forums that may or may not help.
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mobile 17, formerly known as Smash the Tones, will convert and send any ringtone or graphic to your phone for free. Give it a try, they don't suck.
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Actually, I don't think you need mobile17. I was just able to send myself some new wallpaper on my L1200. Your phone is newer, so this may be different for you or it may not work.

I just emailed a small, resized JPEG (my phone's display is 128x160 pixels) to (replace xxxyyyzzzz with your wireless number). It came in as an MMS message, and I was able to save it (While viewing the message, I did Menu -> Save Items, then Menu -> Save). To set it as wallpaper, I went to My MEdia on the main menu, picked Graphics, selected the image and did "Set As Wallpaper." Sweet!
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