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Best direct to consumer HSA?

Employer doesn't off a HDHP w/ HSA so I signed up for the HDHP by myself through Kaiser and my company deposits X amt of money into my paycheck each month tax free. Now I need someplace to deposit this money. I check w/ the credit union associated w/ our company and they don't offer one. Any recommendations on the best HSA? Chase charges $2.50/month and no transaction fees, I think Wells Fargo charges $4/month. Anyone have any good/bad experiences w/ their provider?

Bonus question: Can I use my HSA to pay my monthly insurance premium?

(I know there were other HSA posts in the past but most of them were 4 years old and I'm sure a lot has changed since then.)
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Response by poster: and I apologize for the awful writing above. I was in a hurry....

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I use Chase and the only complaint I have is that you can only do one non-payroll deposit every two weeks, and not for more than $500.

Read the fine print indeed.

And no, you can't use your HSA to pay your health insurance premium. Health insurance isn't deductible anyway.
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Response by poster: I only get paid monthly and my contribution would only be $330/month so that would be ok w/ me but it's good to know.

I figured that would be the case but I had to ask.
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I've been very happy with Patelco Credit Union. Low fees, transfer to and from other bank/credit union accounts, and you don't have to be in California to use them.
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