Scripts from CS2 dont work with CS5
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Scripts written when I had Photoshop CS2 arent playing nice with Photoshop CS5.

A mefi friend wrote me 2 wonderful little scripts that helped me with rotating photos in batch operations when I was using CS2. I have a TON of actions with these scripts built in. Since upgrading to CS5 and re adding these two scripts to the /presets/scripts/ folder, when I go to load them I get the following error:

Error 1302: No Such element
Line: 1
-> doc = app.activeDocument

How can I get them to play nice with CS5 and save me untold hours of work?


the files are:


Which contains:
doc = app.activeDocument;
if (doc.height > doc.width && != "rotateback")
doc.rotateCanvas(90); = "rotateback";



which contains:
doc = app.activeDocument;
if ( == "rotateback")
doc.rotateCanvas(-90); = "";
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The activeDocument property seems to be the same in CS5. I would try adding a var in front of the doc variable declaration: in both scripts, change the first line to

var doc = app.activeDocument;

If that doesn't work, the scripting documentation for CS5 can be found here.
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Response by poster: Nope. That didnt do it. Now the error is:

Error 1302: No Such element
Line: 1
-> var doc = app.activeDocument

Thanks for trying though :-)
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Best answer: Howver, you made me think! when I investigated it turns out htat Adoce makes 2 install folders. one in the Program Files Folder and one in the Program Files (x86) folder. Both with the same structure. I had copied them to only one of the folders. I put it in both and they worked.

THanks for the point in the right direction!
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