i need a database!
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[Python/database filter] I wrote a script in python for a class and I want to challenge myself now to make it attached to a database...

Basically for a class I created a python script which acted like an ATM interface. What I would like to do is create a database (sql, my sql?) Which would contain members/pins/bank balance.

What resources should I use to accomplish this task? I am doing this for shits and giggles as I would think expanding this old assignment. Plus I would learn along the way.

Thank you in advance!
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How about SQLite for the database - it's small, lightweight, doesn't require any extra server processes.
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Forgot to link to the binaries
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Sqlite with the sqlite3 module would be a good place to start.
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I'll third the SQLite recommendation. It's one of my absolute favorite pieces of software. Also, if you're interested in frontends to SQLite, see SQLite Manager, which is a Firefox extension, or SQLiteStudio.
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Fourthing SQLite and SQLite Manager. The sqlite3 module docs are pretty good, and the Stackoverflow Python and SQLite tags are what you want to use if you run into difficulty, or have questions about best approaches. If you're comfortable with Python and OO basics, this will be an evening or two's interesting-and-not-horribly-challenging coding. And when you're done with it, you can have a look at wxPython, and think about making a nice-looking GUI keypad.
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Python database programming wiki page. But yes, using sqlite through the standard sqlite dbapi module, as everyone has suggested, is the obvious choice.
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Also recommending SQLite over MySQL/Postgres/anything else until you need a production system (any maybe even then).
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If you want to make the whole system more robust, consider adding SqlAlchemy to the toolkit. *You don't need it yet* (it'll slow you down at this stage!), but when your db project gets bigger, you might. http://www.sqlalchemy.org/ . In particular, standardizing connections, properly escaping queries, and the like are all built-in there.
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