Help me find this comic!
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I saw a comic online a few years ago; it featured a man surreptitiously putting nicotine patches on his girlfriend so that she went into withdrawal when she wasn't with him. Can you help me find it?

I can't remember much else about it, other than that it was pretty simple and, I think, in black and white. It's two guys talking, and one of them relates what I wrote above the fold.

It is the comic that goodnewsfortheinsane refers to here.
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I would be shocked if it was not an comic.
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I remember reading this...I think it was a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic. That's as far as I can get you, unfortunately.
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Yeah, that's definitely in line with SMBC humor, as opposed to XKCD.
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Best answer: Huh, I just found this, which I guess must be it. I don't read whatever comic it comes from, though, so it must have been a one-off link I clicked on. (I found it while googling nicotine patch girlfriend smbc; came up in a reddit thread.)
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Response by poster: That's it! Thank you.
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According to the copyright notice at the bottom of the image, it's from DirtPony.
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Here's the original page.
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