Touch of class in New Orleans
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After dining at Commander's Palace in New Orleans next Friday, what's a classy bar that we could visit? Bonus points for gorgeous wood bars, good cocktails, and minimal crowds.
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Response by poster: It would be great if we could find somewhere near/in the Garden District. Thanks!
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Bouligny Tavern is nice. It's at Magazine and Antonine.
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The Columns Hotel.
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The Irish House is a new Irish gastropub that opened on St. Charles and Melpomene. It's lovely. Check out their Facebook page, their website isn't up yet. Because they're fairly new, the crowds aren't there yet, but there's a gorgeous wood bar.
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If you're eating lunch on Friday, keep in mind that Commander's does 25 cent (!) martinis, which would eliminate the need to go anywhere else. If it's after dinner, go to The Columns Hotel.
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Or you may consider Cure. Will probably be crowded, but not with the beer and hurricane people.
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I don't know that you'll be able to find all three of your criteria in one place.

The Columns has an gorgeous bar but the cocktails are nothing to write home about and it will be crowded. This is the only example of a great old carved wood bar that you'll find near Commander's.

Coquette is a restaurant very near Commander's (like three blocks away) that has a nice bar area and very good cocktails, but it's definitely a restaurant rather than a bar and there's

Bouligny Tavern and Cure both have good cocktails, but no wood bar and will likely be crowded.

If you're into the old wood bar thing and are spending time in the Quarter, go to Arnaud's French 75 Bar and Tujague's.
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...there's a good chance it will be crowded on Friday night.
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