How to write a thank you card in spanish?
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Spanish Translation: Help me thank my awesome neighbors!

Yesterday I locked my keys in my trunk and my neighbors helped me get them out by using the slightly open window + coat hanger method and I'd really like to thank them, but there's a language barrier. I just moved into a Hispanic neighborhood and my spanish is terrible! Their child translated for us yesterday and told them how grateful I was, but I'd like to send them a thank you note that they can read letting them know how much I appreciate their help. So, could someone help me translate:

"Thank you so much for helping me unlock my car yesterday, I really appreciate it! I baked you these cookies as a small token of thanks, I hope you like them. -The LastName Family, Apt. H."

Thank you Metafilter!
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Here's how I would say it: "Miles de gracias por ayudarme abrir mi auto el día de ayer, ¡ les agradezco mucho! He hecho las galletas para ustedes, espero que las disfruten."
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Muchas gracias por ayudarme a abrir mi auto ayer, se los aprecio mucho! Les hice estas galletas en agradecimiento, espero que les gusten.
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...and make sure to add the upside down exclamation mark at the beginning of the sentence, I just forgot which alt code to use for that :)
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"Muchas gracias por ayudarme a abrir mi carro ayer. ¡Lo agradezco muchísimo! Horneé estas galletas para ustedes como una pequeña muestra de agradecimiento. Espero que las disfruten. - Familia LastName, Departamento H"
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I (native spanish speaker) think fjom has it just right. Go with that
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I'd advise using fjom's version also.

DrGirlfriend, it's alt+173
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