iPod Touch/iPhone guitar/mandolin tuner app recommendations.
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iPod Touch/iPhone guitar/mandolin tuner app recommendations, please.

I like the looks of these two, but am leaning towards the former due to price and my dislike of needle meters.
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iStroboSoft. Hands-down. Made by Peterson (well, sort of; it has their name attached), the same people who make this, so it has some weight behind it. It actually compares favorably to a strobe tuner, especially for an iPhone app.
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I cam also to recommend iStroboSoft. It is easily the best, most responsive, and most flexible.

But, yeah. Pulling the trigger on a ten dollar APP was hard for me to do. Worth it, but still hard to do.
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Response by poster: Watching some demos on YouTube, I'm not sure I like the interface. It actually makes me a little queasy. The $10 is a bit of a block, too, yeah. :)
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I've really loved Cleartune. It is very flexible - you can select various temperaments, or create custom ones. You can set what you want concert pitch to be, change the notation etc etc.

To be honest, the only thing I ever did with it was change the temperament to Stretch Tuned Guitar, and it's been perfect. Far better than any hardware tuner I've used so far.
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Best answer: I really like inTuna. I use it frequently.
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I use Cleartune for guitar and bass and it is AMAZING. I know what this is going to sound like but I've been playing guitar for 20 years and I have thrown away all my other tuning devices (well, except for the pedal mounted tuner). Nothing has ever been as accurate and useful as this little app.
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Another vote for Cleartune. I use it for guitar, wind instruments, and my voice. It's awesome.
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Thanks to the comment by spicynuts, I bought the Cleartune app. Keeping your guitar well-tuned is definitely worth $4 unless you're on such a limited budget that you have no money to spend on anything guitar-related.
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Response by poster: I went with the inTuna; right now, it's exactly what I want in terms of ease of use and understandability (And yes, was the cheapest suggestion). The Cleartune looks pretty neat, too.

Apologies for the belated response, and thanks for all of your suggestions!
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