Help me to Stop the drooling!
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My significant other drools in her sleep. Sometimes I roll over and am shocked awake when my cheek hits the puddle on her pillow, blech. It happens maybe 2-3 times a week and increases when she has crazy and/or bad dreams. She isn't aware she's doing it until she wakes up. How do help her to stop/control the drooling?
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i think this is quite common (unless it's really huge amounts). can't you just get your own pillow?
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Various over the counter medications will decrease salivation, like diphenhydramine.

This is not a recommendation, consult your doctor, blah blah blah.
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I noticed I would drool in my sleep when my sinuses were screwed up and my nose would get congested. If I take my allergy meds then I don't drool. Maybe she is having sinus problems.
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can't you just get your own pillow?
We do have individual pillows, but subconsciously I like to snuggle during sleep, I guess, and scootch over to her without thinking about it. The puddles are affecting that desire to snuggle.
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Dude, leave her alone. Maybe the drooling is a subconscious desire to keep you from snuggling while you sleep.

Really, does it bug her? Because if not, I'd be really pissed if my bf was like, "Please take drugs because your drooling bugs me."
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Well, my allergy medicin (regular antihistamins) states that it might cause reduced saliva production, so that might be the reason for reduced drool, govtdrone.

I drool sometimes during the sunday to monday night, usually after some heavy drinking on friday and saturday... During those times I also usually have quite vivid dreams. My solution is to wake up and turn the pillow upside down and go back to sleep, which might not be a good solution if you don't want to wake her up.
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I too drool quite a bit while sleeping. I've been doing so for as long as I can remember. This might sound really stupid, but it's probably because we breathe through our mouths instead of our noses. Maybe she can try to make a habit of breathing through her nose while sleeping.
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Those sheets that feel like good-quality thick t-shirt material absorb liquid well. Perhaps you could switch to these kinds of fabrics and at least the slick wet pools would be replaced with damp spots that might dry quicker.
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I dunno, bodies can be gross sometimes, deal with it. If it impedes your desire to struggle, keep a towel handy. Cover up the wet area and snuggle away.
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your desire to snuggle
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We frequently go to bed with damp hair and have gotten into the habit of spreading a towel over our pillows to keep the cases from smelling sour after a few days. The kids and I drool when we're having sinus trouble, so the towel helps with that, but it keeps the pillowcases clean longer, too.
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Does she sleep face down on the pillow? I've noticed that I drool when I'm face down. When I'm face up, I think the drool collects on my mouth and my swallow reflect kicks in.

But keep in mind that lying in a pool of your partner's drool is just another way to say I love you.
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dame: we both like to snuggle and drooling does bug her.

sexymofo: drools mostly with head turned sideways on the pillow, lying on her back. I'm currently laughing at "lying in a pool of your partner's drool is just another way to say I love you."
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Do you notice her breathing through her mouth when asleep? This would be another indication of a sinus issue. When I had my deviated septum fixed and some polyps removed a few years back, it allowed me to breathe as intended - through the nose - and pretty much eliminates any drooling unless I have a really bad head cold.
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But keep in mind that lying in a pool of your partner's drool is just another way to say I love you.

I have to agree. My ex drooled like your SO does. Hell, I'd frequently wake up with him snuggled on my shoulder, and a large puddle on me.

It happens. As pointed out above, asking her to take drugs because you're mildly inconvenienced is really a bit much, don't you think?
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Thanks all, I'll discuss the possible sinus issue with her and see what develops. I'll casually mention drugs and gauge her reaction but, I am also looking at towels...
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Wait, you sleep with this person...and spend time in the same bed, exchanging, assumably, bodily fluids, and her saliva grosses you out?
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My wife recommends one of these. I'm hopeful that it's not from personal experience.
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