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Is there a program that will automatically add lyrics to my MP3 files, and/or let me search by lyric, in iTunes for Mac?

I know variations on this question have come up in AskMe before, but the most recent discussion seems to be from 2007, and I'm wondering what the best current options are...
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Oh, and I should add: I'd like something that will add lyrics to my entire library, not just the currently playing song.
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SongGenie from Equinux.
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Jaikoz is a non-free but worth investigating tool for batch fixing your music collection. In the current version it can also be set to get lyrics.
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Get Lyrical works reasonably well for me, and will grab lyrics for the currently playing track, a selection of tracks, or via what they call "Active Tagging" (which gets & stores lyrics as each song is played). And it's free.
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Oh, and Spotlight / Finder search will search within lyrics, at least in Leopard & Snow Leopard. There's also scripts for iTunes that claim to work (e.g.), but I've never used them.
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Ugh; I cannot for the life of me find the app I used to use about three years ago that could auto-add lyrics for your entire library but could also do search and replace (even using regular expressions!) so you could clean them up (say, strip advertising or HTML tags). But I know such a beastie exists, even if I can't guarantee it works on Lion.
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I use MPFreaker to fix my tags. It adds lyrics when it can find them in the databases it searches. $20 and works on Lion.
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Don't use EvilLyrics. It's almost impossible to delete.
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Thanks, all!
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