Waiting by the phone...for my landlord?
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How do I keep my sanity while waiting for a phone call from my maybe future landlord about whether or not I get to rent her house?

There's this house I want unbelievably badly in the basement of an awesome mansion. We viewed it two days ago, faxed the application off the day after (because she emailed it to us that day) and then later dropped off a better copy at her office. She said she hoped to know her decision by yesterday but was waiting on a couple more applicants. We seem to get along fine except I think that maybe she is hoping to rent to someone with the same collegiate affiliation.

It's the day after. I'm making ulcers in my stomach lining. What do I do? Should I call her? Should I email her? Or do I just wait and start sending out more applications? Will she call me even if I don't get it?
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Nail-biter! It probably wouldn't hurt to follow up tomorrow morning with a call/email about how much you love the place, and that you hope to hear from her. And that you've enrolled at Harvard or whatever.

OK maybe not that last part. Good luck!
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Keep looking at other places, and see if something else grabs you similarly? It's the only way to rebalance the dynamic where you want her to choose you but she's using applying arbitrary filters to potential tenants.
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Well? Now I'm dying to know. Hope you got good news!
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I finally got too anxious and emailed her about how I really like it was suggested last night. She never wrote back. And I'm pretty sure, since she works in an office with a computer, she's had time to read it and respond and chose not to. Yeah, not sending a Christmas card.

BUT I found another one that is also acceptable. Thanks!
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