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My TV broke, and I am bored now. It is a Sony Videoscope XBR, 50 something inches, projection TV. I bought it maybe 4-5 years ago from circuit city. When I turn it on the sound works fine, but the picture starts getting crackly then it gets wavy and starts to disapear culminating in the whole picture collapsing into itself.

Do you know whats wrong? Can I fix it by myself, or is it going to cost a ton?
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Don't take it as an insult, but if you're asking if you can fix your TV yourself here, you can't. It isn't one of these cases where a mistake will result in a more-broken item. A mistake inside a TV will cost you your life.

Similar things have happened to my projection TV. A call to a serviceperson had it fixed for under $300. They came to the house and removed the board containing the circuitry and guns, took them back to their workshop, fixed them, and in no time we had the TV back up and running.

Seriously, get it fixed by someone who knows what they're doing!
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As the son of a TV engineer with 40 years experience in the industry I can only backup shepd's advice...and add that you should get a reputable engineer, preferrably from a personal recommendation. If they replace parts they should give you the old ones.
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, after industry. I don't have 40 years experience of being a son and I'm not sure if there is much of an industry for us anyway...
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